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What we do


We manage the common areas of housing estates – the landscaped areas and the common interiors. Our market is the private housing sector across Britain, charging for our services uniquely on a “not for profit” basis, working with the residents for their benefit. When we are working on new developments, we recommend that the builder gives control to the residents through ownership of the common areas. The residents can then more easily change the property manager – including ourselves, if standards are not maintained. Some builders prefer to transfer the common areas to the property manager and this we are happy to accept. If this happens, we insist that a clause is inserted in the Title Deeds requiring us to transfer the common areas to the residents, should they no longer require our services. Regardless of whether a property manager or the residents themselves manage the common areas; the funding for this will come from the residents as required by specific conditions within their property title deeds. Our experience was gained in growing the business for a national leader in the industry, serving over 20,000 homes across more than 600 sites.

How we do it

By providing a genuinely “resident friendly” single contact point and helping to establish a Residents’ Association in each new development, we favour the inclusive approach to achieve a mutually beneficial high standard in each area of operation. We use local contractors, wherever possible, to carry out the work and this helps to keep our carbon footprint low. These contractors have been specially selected for the quality of their work and their ability to work with the residents.

Why we are different

Our “not for profit” culture allows us to reinvest more money in to the business to improve services and offer a rebate to residents, rather than pay out dividends to shareholders. Furthermore, we are a Carbon Neutral Company, minimising our carbon footprint and offsetting what we can’t avoid through projects in the UK and across the world.


How you benefit

Because there is no cost to you, you can focus on your core business, leaving us to cover the host of inner and outer space management issues which arise. We also facilitate the establishment of a Residents’ Association in each development, helping to generate a genuine feeling of community and providing a single focus for future meetings and discussions.

How your Residents benefit

We are a people oriented organisation and by helping to create a Residents’ Association, we will be able to work with individuals and for issues which affect everybody in the development, with their representatives. By building mutual trust, we will be able to more effectively deal with the issues which will inevitably arise from time to time. The fact that once our operating costs are covered as a “not for profit” company we provide a rebate may also be seen as attractive to your residents! We also provide them with a dedicated web page for each development and residents can make comment on the progress of maintenance. In addition, we organise an annual on-site meeting to allow them the opportunity to give us personal feedback on our work to date and also call representatives from each site to a meeting once a year, to consider operating procedures for the coming months.

Our pledge to you

We are striving to become the country’s leading quality property management provider for common areas on housing and flatted estates, in partnership with residents. Our aim is to be sought out by housebuilders, residents and Local Authorities alike to provide a consistently high quality of service and to achieve this, we pledge to try even harder every single day!

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